JRA’s analytical and pragmatic approach is one of the most rigorous and effective in the industry, with an impressive track record of delivering sustainable, energy efficient buildings. Our designs consider a building’s entire lifespan, from construction to demolition, creating low-energy, flexible structures that can adapt to future change. We seek to go beyond the requirements of legislation and planning aspirations, and are committed to exceeding industry-standards in sustainable design.

Our approach to sustainability is firmly based on technical analysis. We draw on our extensive experience of sustainable building to identify achievable outcomes based on the constraints and opportunities of a site, maximising returns for clients through accumulative performance improvements.

Improving the energy and emissions performance of existing buildings is a particularly important strand of JRA’s guiding principle of “Contextual Civic Modernism”. We know that buildings can be refurbished to deliver performance equal to that of the best new builds without sacrificing the existing character and have demonstrated this with award-winning projects such as One Southampton Street and 199 Bishopsgate.

JRA is an ISO14001 accredited practice. Our team is experienced in applying a wide range of environmental benchmarking standards including BREEAM, LEED and SKA. Our work has been recognised by numerous professional bodies including BREEAM, BCO and AJ100.


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Environmental Policy