Come on Feel the Noise - FX Design Seminar

3rd March 2015

Come on Feel the Noise – FX Design Seminar

A panel of London’s top workplace designers came together to discuss the impact of noise on the working environment. Angela Jeng, Project Director at JRA, was amongst the group as they considered the effects of workplace design on the individual and the benefits of placing psychological well-being at the core of office design.

Choice and the ability to control the working environment were identified as the key principals in creating effective office space. Whether designing for extraverts or introverts, providing a range of working conditions is necessary for creating a productive environment.

Investigating post-occupancy evaluations (POE), the panel identified that acoustics remain problematic and greater thought needs to be given when designing space. By providing areas that minimise distraction and maximise comfort, modern offices should be able to cater for those looking for collaboration or concentration.

JRA Workplace Fit-out

The new YUM! HQ offices designed by JRA offer a choice of working environments from touchdown spaces, standing meeting room tables, a quiet library and barista. Hubs are situated in the heart of each floor for collaboration and acoustically isolated offices are suitable for individuals working without interruption. The cafe, with is situated within the open plan office, has been treated with an acoustic spray which reduces echo and noise reduction. For more information please follow the link.