Green Sky Thinking Festus Moffat - Breakfast Talk

9th April 2015

The Social and Business Return on Investment for Developments

Festus Moffat, Director at John Robertson Architects will be co-hosting a breakfast talk on Thursday 23rd April, joining the debate on Performance vs Value alongside Greengage and British Land.

The talk will focus on the value of sustainability from both a financial and social perspective as part of Green Sky Thinking, a weeklong London-wide events programme for built environment and property professionals highlighting innovative practice on how we ‘design in’ sustainability for London.

Social return on investment is considered less tangible but is becoming increasingly important with more and more development projects aiming to push the social and community agenda. How does this work in reality? What are the social indicators and corresponding benefits that a community can expect to receive? How can organisiations demonstrate a quantifiable social return that aligns with the business strategy?

Lesley Treacy, Associate Partner at Greengage will give a brief introduction to social return on investment (SROI).  Festus Moffat will discuss the social return on investment in the public realm, while Anna Devlet, Head of Community from prestigious Real Estate Investment Trust, British Land will demonstrate quantifiable benefits through the use of Regent’s Place case study.

The presentations will demonstrate that social targets are no longer ‘a nice to have’ but a differentiator for developments with benefits that are quantifiable.

The events are open to everyone, to get a ticket for this free event held at Better Bankside Community Space, please register here.