JRA Reopens London Office

3rd September 2020

JRA Reopens London Office

We have now reopened the JRA headquarters in Bankside to welcome back staff and clients. The studio was required to close in March in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring team members and visitors were kept safe. During this time, JRA switched to a fully remote system, using technology to support project work and continue to provide a full range of services online.

The return to in-person working has been carried out following consultation with staff. It is tailored to each person’s circumstances and attending the office remains voluntary and flexible. We have implemented new safety measures for those returning, including updated seating plans across the building to maintain social distancing and a range of systems and processes to respond to Covid-19.

In-office staff continue to be fully integrated with remote workers and the teams are building on the positive aspects that became apparent during lockdown, such as more inclusive collaboration between staff in the London, Edinburgh and Lodz studios.

The reopening is the beginning of establishing innovative working patterns, and we are excited to see how ways of working and technology evolve in response to Covid-19 and our experiences working from home. JRA’s research into the future of the workplace is ongoing and our initial insights can be found here.