JRA & The Future of the Workplace

19th June 2020

JRA & The Future of the Workplace

Reports of the demise of the office are greatly exaggerated and premature: the office is not dead! In a post-Covid-19 world, people will still come to an office to work and to connect, face-to-face, with colleagues and collaborators, albeit on a less frequent basis. There has been widespread coverage of interim measures adopted by companies preparing to return to work as the Covid-19 threat diminishes, however, JRA is looking further ahead, and already starting to focus on more radical innovations which will transform the office environment. Our vision of the workplace of the future offers a seamless mix of the virtual and the actual, most importantly supporting the well-being of employees as well as providing a clear ‘base’ from which an organisation can establish and communicate its values.

Our commercial fit-out and interiors team has produced a report discussing the challenges and opportunities for future office design, along with proposals for how that workspace might look.

You can download our ‘Future of Workplace’ report here:

Future of the Workplace_ JRA brochure