Life Cycle Assessment Services
Life Cycle Assessment Services

Life Cycle Assessment Services

John Robertson Architects is leading the way in providing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) alongside our architectural design and delivery services. LCA is a methodology to evaluate the environmental impact of a building through all stages of construction and use. In particular it takes into account materials; construction methods; energy consumption from the occupancy of the building; repair and maintenance; and finally, disposal. LCA allows for some critical thinking around sustainability to be integrated into the design from the outset and can provide immense value for clients as well as the planet.

Carbon equates to cost in the construction and use of buildings. JRA designers carry out LCAs to review the carbon of a project and make recommendations for alternative materials, suggesting lower carbon designs and providing more efficient buildings.





LCAs are also an effective way to gain points towards BREEAM accreditation and the BREEAM 2018 requirements recognise points for LCA and Life Cycle Costings as some of the most valuable in the accreditation process. High BREEAM ratings will add value in both the private and public sector markets and are often required as a planning condition.

Life Cycle Assessment analysis can add value to our client’s projects by identifying:

  • Opportunities for recycling and reuse
  • Inefficient material delivery and construction processes
  • Materials and products with potentially inefficient lifespan and maintenance costs
  • Ways to reduce running costs including heating, cooling, lighting and water consumption
  • Opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility and positive PR for the project

JRA has a sustainability team led by Dr Colin Beattie, an expert in carbon in the built environment with a track record of over 20 years in architectural practice. Colin is able to carry out bespoke LCAs and Life Cycle Costings and is up to date with industry best practice.  LCAs have been prepared for projects including 90 Fetter Lane and 51 Moorgate.

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