JRA celebrates community enterprise and we are actively involved in a number of initiatives within our practice, the local area and throughout the UK.

We understand that our responsibilities lie not only with our client, but also with every stakeholder in a project as well as the wider community. We are experienced in stakeholder engagement and have an excellent track record of work with communities and special interest groups including English Heritage and the Twentieth Century Society.

The practice is a Foundation Partner of LandAid, a national charity which enables the property industry to support projects with disadvantaged children and young people. JRA have also undertaken a number of pro-bono projects in partnership with LandAid including the redesign of the Headquarters of the Venture Trust charity in Scotland.

Our team has an on-going commitment to local homelessness charity, St Mungo’s Broadway, which helps people recover from the issues that create homelessness and rebuild their lives. Our staff are actively involved in regular mentoring schemes and have led structured courses at their Recovery College.

JRA actively supports the promotion of architecture in schools. Working with Open City, we have hosted a number of school workshops and we regularly provide work experience places to local pupils interested in a career in the industry. We also use the Children’s Scrap Project to recycle architectural samples for use in school arts and crafts activities.

As a practice, JRA is committed to ensuring good standards of living for all our employees, from architects to support staff, consultants, and contractors. To reflect this, JRA pay the London Living Wage as a minimum. We comply with the ongoing work of the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University, to offer higher wages with an aim to combat in-work poverty.

Our ongoing involvement with community projects and the commitments that we make to our staff reflect the culture at JRA. We recognise the responsibilities of the practice to enhance the society in which we work, benefiting stakeholders, charities and local people.