Smita Bhat DipArch. FCCA

Smita joined JRA in 2006, and is a member of the board as Finance & HR Director and a Chartered Accountant with membership to ACCA. She is DipArch, RIBA Part II qualified from The Bartlett and has worked in industry within both Architectural design and practice management.

Smita’s role as Finance & HR Director encompasses managing all aspects of financial accounting and HR. She manages the day to day finance of the practice as well as overseeing the long term financial strategy and forecasting to ensure the growth of the business. She is responsible for the practices Development Plan for Investment and Capital Expenditure and works with the board to govern the budget and exercise financial control of the practice.

Smita has in-depth knowledge of UK and international financial protocol, having gained over 15 years of industry experience, and assisted in the set up of our Polish office in 2013. She has worked on the administrative and financial management of a number of JRAs overseas projects and is familiar with international regulations and legislation.

As HR Director, Smita drives our recruitment campaign as well as analysing staff levels and resourcing for individual projects. She is responsible for training, maintaining staff records and ensuring that JRA is compliant with current employment legislation.

Smita maintains JRAs Environmental Management System and heads up the Environmental Working Group. She is committed to upholding our environmental credentials: meeting industry standards, gaining formal accreditation such as ISO14001 and meeting legal requirements.

Smita works closely with the board to ensure that JRA continues to thrive as one of the most successful architectural practices in London.

Smita Bhat